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Jalan Jalan Melbourne: The First Two Days.

السلام عليكم & 안영 to all ♥♥

Just got back from Down Under! I think I should be blogging this now or I might forget most of it later. You know, my memories these days aren't so good.

Okay this is a family trip suggested by the parents; they've been wanting to go there. They prefer to go to English-spoken country rather than the others. Fine for me. Since I never been there as well. So why not?

This post might be long, might be not; so I shall split it into 4 parts; The first two days, Trip to Great Ocean Road, Trip to Phillip Island and The last days. I'll put up the link later, no worries. I'll be ranting a bit, just a bit. Lol

Everything was planned before we reached there, even though it was quite last minute. No I didn't do much when I was in medical leave. I played The Sims 4 more than I should. Oh well. Oh my medical leave ended a week before this trip. So dah kerja for about a week actually, then pergi cuti balik. I feel bad actually, but what to do :P

We stayed in Southbank area; we thought it would be easy to go here and there. We're using Airbnb as usual. And the apartment owner is a Malaysian. Pretty interesting. If you guys are interested, you can check this link --> Airbnb Apartment. It says it can fit into 7 people, but I think it would be a little cramp cause I think it was just nice for the four of us.

But for personal thought, I super love this apartment if I were to live in by myself. It was a cute one-bedroom apartment. Sorry being me again, I forgot to snap the pictures inside this apartment. And it has a balcony! You can check the link up there for pictures though. Sempat khatam Thirteen R3asons Why and The Sound of Your Heart on Netflix you olls. Thanks Tuan Rumah bagi access Netflix sekali walaupun WiFi dia slow bak hang. Lucky we had our own WiYo Pocket WiFi for our personal use.

I'll try to be informative as I go through this blog post.

I sempat buat sedikit selidikan; patut buat road trip ke ikut tour? I even asked Zureen about it; Thanks Zureen! Since I was travelling with the parents, I thought it's best to take a tour. Road trip memenatkan as what I did time dekat South Island last year. Seronok memang seronok, time lagi flexible tapi dia renyah sikit lah kan. I doubt my parents could manage that. So I told my dad to join the tours for Grean Ocean Road and Phillip Island. It would be easy lah kan for first timer.

Ayah didn't like the idea. We had bad experience taking a tour, not really bad but we're not enjoying it. So he pushed the idea away. So I was like okay fine. I told him that it would tiring to drive and he won't like it; and he said okay. Okay fine, hands off. Since he's willing to drive. I wouldn't mind to become the second driver just macam malas cause I just wanna to enjoy the scenery and relax.

So Ayah booked a car from Budget Australia. So everything's considered fixed. So we're set to go!

We have safely landed in Melbourne around 8ish in the morning. Alhamdulillah lepas semua imegresen and kastam depa. The key is to be truthful people. Kalau korang ada bawak makanan ke apa just declare. Jangan takut2 nak declare. Medicine pon kte declare je.

Oh one thing I forgot to mention. Ktorg satu flight dengan The Pocket Rocketman! We bumped again time nak amek luggage as he was in front of me dengan anak dia. Nak mintak amek gambar tapi macam dia tengah busy nak luggage kan. So biar lah. I was alone time tuh sebab the others sibuk pergi toilet. Entah siapa sampai dulu so it's my turn to pergi toilet pulak. So okaylah maybe no chance to amek gambar. Tup tup keluar toilet, it was him dari arah bertentangan. My randomness datang and I was like, Hi boleh tak nak amek gambar?

He looked tired, I know. I am so sorry to bother you. Sampai lupa nak cakap Congrats kot. benda paling penting..... Congrats for being No 1! Muka akak lagi barai, if you're wondering. HAHAHA.

We took the Skybus from the airport to the Southern Cross Station. Once we arrived there we could ride a free-bus to our apartment. It's in the package if your drop-off area is in their list.

We chose to roam around first. We left our luggages in the locker; super expensive cause the charge is for a day not by hours. Oh well. What we did? We just roamed inside a mall? The one attached with the station. Okay. That's when I finally realized Ayah would prefer to go to mall. As for me, I wanna roam outside. In my schedule, I wanted to go to other place; Hosier Lane? But no Ayah prefer jalan2 inside the mall. Okay, I was cool, still. I thought it would be best to jalan2 since we spent A LOT for the locker. So why don't we fully utilized it?

Again, he brushed off my idea. Okay. After few hours, we head out to the apartment. The check-in time is at 1PM. Ayah sangat tak sabar nak masuk rumah. We got the key and we went up. Bila dah sampai depan pintu, akak tak reti bukak pintu uolls. Okaylah akak tak faham the instruction actually. HAHAHA. Lucky us, the cleaner was still inside the house. So she's the one who taught us how to unlock the door. Pheww.

Naqib tiba-tiba rasa tak sihat; cirit birit okay. But ktorg makan benda yang sama dari semalam. So macam tak faham. So dia lemau sangat2. Repeat pergi toilet entah berapa kali.

Leaving Naqib alone, the parents and I went out to check out stuff. We went to the Flinders Street Station which was not quite far from our place. I could say that our place was super duper convenient. I mean you could just walk to anywhere. I would say the distance between our place to the Flinders Street Station is like my house to KTM Shah Alam. Kat sini gedik tak boleh jalan pergi KTM, kat sana boleh je jalan. Okay blame the weather. HAHAHA.

It's almost dark. Kedai pon semua nak tutup. Kedai sana tutup awal ye kawan2. So kalau nak shopping buat time hari terang benderang. We went to Coles, macam ala ala Giant or Jaya Grocer lah. Nak beli minyak masak and bawang segala. Travelling with the parents, we had one luggage special for food only. Yes. Completely lain if I travel alone. HAHAHA. My Ayah here is someone who can only take Malaysian food but claim to be someone flexible. Kelakar betul.

Nothing much happened sebab hari dah gelap. Oh and keesokkan harinya was ANZAC day. Their public holiday. Hari first berakhir begitu sahaja. Quite wasted.

The next day. The ANZAC day. We're supposed to take our car at 8AM. And guess what? AYAH CHANGED HIS FREAKING MIND. He didn't want to drive. He's freaked out. Someone please hold me? Oh My God. Oh My God. WHAT WAS I TELLING YOU BEFORE THIS?! That's why I suggested to take the tour cause I know such thing would happen! OH MY GOD. I WAS ULTIMATELY FURIOUS. But I couldn't let it out because he's my father. Please stop assume the others have the same preferences like yours. Let me take a very deep breath. And he didn't even ask me. Okay fine. Me being mad, I didn't bother to talk. Guess what. Another day wasted. F.

But looking at Naqib's condition, I didn't think it's a good idea to go out as well. But... UGH.

I decided to stay at the apartment, konon nak jaga Naqib. So my parents went out sendiri. Malas nak amek port. We're supposed to go to Puffing Billy Steam Train and Brighton Beach today but I guess just pergi dalam mimpi dulu. Before he headed out, he asked me to check out the tour for the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. WEI NAK GELAK BOLEH? To be honest, time tuh kte macam nak balik. Sebab macam dah takde mood. Rasa nak marah je. Please I just want to have fun :(

I just stick to my original plan; I mean I already did the survey before. But still, that tours were still the cheapest. So I took Melbourne Australian Tours. I emailed them and they replied super fast. I made the deal with Colin who had stayed in KL for two years before. He tried to speak Malay a bit. It was nice.

So yeah people sorry if you're expecting much for this blog post, I am sorry cause nothing much happened during the first two days. I shall continue for the next post shortly.

By the way, Happy Labour Day everyone!

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